FULL AUDIO: Louisiana College Leaders Discuss Suppressing Criticism of Joshua Joy Dara

On Feb. 25, 2019, Louisiana College President Rick Brewer and two top officials, Philip Caples and Cheryl Clark, met with Professor Russell Meek in hopes to prevent Meek from publishing criticism of misogynistic comments made by Joshua Joy Dara, LC’s Dean of Human Behavior.

Feb. 25, 2019 meeting between Rick Brewer, Philip Caples, Cheryl Clark, and Russell Meek of Louisiana College.

Yesterday, in our report “Louisiana College Professor Resigns in Protest After School Leaders Conceal Lewd, Sexist Comments by Prominent Dean,” we referred to this audio recording of a Feb. 25th meeting between the professor, Dr. Russell Meek, and three top officials at the school, President Rick Brewer, Vice President of the Integration of Faith and Learning Philip Caples, and Vice President of Academic Affairs Cheryl Clark.

Today, Meek provided the Bayou Brief with permission to publish the full recording. While Meek did not disclose his decision to record the meeting with Brewer, Caples, or Clark, he was fully within his rights to do so, as stated in La. R.S. 15:1303 of the states’s Electronic Surveillance Act. Like many other states, Louisiana law provides that such a recording is permissible as long as one party is aware (i.e. Meek).

Three days after this meeting, Meek submitted his resignation from Louisiana College.