PODCAST: Meet the Candidate- Belinda Davis (House District 70)

Meet the LSU professor who is hoping to win the seat in the state House currently being vacated by Franklin Foil.

Every day this week and then occasionally throughout the next four months, I’ll be talking with candidates for legislative and statewide offices. If you or someone you know is running for election in Louisiana and would like to schedule a time to appear on Briefly Speaking, please don’t hesitate: Send me an email at lamar@bayoubrief.com.

Although, yes, I am a Louisiana Democrat, the Bayou Brief is no longer officially endorsing candidates, and we will be welcoming candidates across the political spectrum. Our mission, after all, is to tell the stories of the people of Louisiana.

I conducted my first round of interviews last Saturday at the True Blue Gala, the Louisiana Democratic Party’s annual dinner and fundraiser, so, not surprisingly, the first group you’ll hear from have at least one thing in common: They are all Democrats.

We are kicking things off with a conversation with Dr. Belinda Davis, a political science professor at LSU who is running for House District 70, the seat being vacated by Franklin Foil due to term limits. Foil is now running for state Senate, and later in the week, we will hear from one of his opponents, Dr. Beverly Brooks Thompson.

But since I recorded the discussion with Dr. Davis first, it seemed fair to lead off with her interview.

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