Briefly Shopping: The Bayou Brief’s Badass Gifts and Rare Collectibles

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our merchandise page, Briefly Shopping, which will continually carry our personalized line of laptop stickers, magnets (coming soon), and koozies (coming soon).

When you purchase something from our merch site, you’re also automatically making a donation, and over time, as we grow, we will add new products.

We are doing something different too: We’re also featuring an ever-changing rotation of rare, Louisiana collectibles and memorabilia, and we’re always on the lookout for those who have something one-of-its-kind they’d be willing to donate for our online store.

Right now, for example, in addition to purchasing our stickers, you can also buy the complete collection of Seymore D. Fair lapel pins from the 1984 World’s Fair ($600, $100/pin), an original movie poster of “The War Room” signed and personalized by the Ragin Cajun ($1000), and first edition copies of both of Huey P. Long’s books, “My First Days in the White House” and “Every Man a King,” which will be framed in a shadowbox of your choosing ($1750).

Visit the new storefront here