Lamar White, Jr.

Lamar White, Jr.
Lamar is the publisher and founder of the Bayou Brief; a native of Alexandria, Louisiana; a graduate of Alexandria Senior High School, Rice University in Houston, and SMU’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, and an award-winning muckraker. He was the last person Andrew Breitbart ever insulted (and apologized to), and he’s responsible for breaking a series of national news stories about racism and political corruption in Texas, Mississippi, and his beloved Louisiana. He lives in Gert Town in New Orleans along with his vicious golden retrievers, Lucy Ana and Ruby Bridges.

Lafayette is Failing the Widow and Child of Slain Police Officer

The Lafayette Consolidated Government is saddling the widow of Cpl. Michael Middlebrook with an additional $4,000 a year in health insurance costs, even though there is an easy solution. Their failure to do the right thing represents the very worst kind of government and betrays the community they serve.

Why “12 Years a Slave” Will Always Matter to Louisiana

From the archives of CenLamar Originally published on November 4, 2013 

A White Sheriff’s Portrait of the City’s First Black Mayor

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator recently generated national and international condemnation for comments that seemed to laud slavery. But the real surprise is that the more interesting story is about a dog park.

Bossier Parish Sheriff Pulls Contract From Louisiana Ford Dealership Owned By Prominent GOP Donor

There is a special irony to Whittington's manufactured outrage. His decision hurts Dallas Hixson, a fellow Louisiana Republican and prominent donor, the most.

New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Frank Scurlock Made History Last Night

No candidate for any elected office has ever spent as much per voter in modern Louisiana history.

Photography Exhibit Showcases Homeless New Orleanians’ Takes on the City

“I saw that tree every day,” she said. “And I kept thinking of the roots of that tree and how old it must be.  And how I came to New Orleans to re-root my life.”

Chris Tyson: The Challenges of Building An Equitable Baton Rouge

In the wake of the killing of Alton Sterling and officers Gerald, Garafalo and Jackson, I encountered some who lamented, “This is not who we are.”  My response was simply, "This is exactly who we are." 

The Once and Future Kingfish: In Retirement, Sen. Russell Long Thought of a Final...

This is the story of how Louisiana’s retiring senior U.S. Senator might have become the third Long to be governor in only 60 years.

Conrad the Appellate

State Sen. Conrad Appel is an outspoken critic of trial lawyers. And yet he may be the legislature's most prolific plaintiff. But a wealthy businessman publicly undermining the civil justice system is not only hypocritical; it's dangerous for our democracy and our environment.

Nath Debriefs the Saints: Week Two

The Saints find themselves in a familiar hole with familiar problems