Lamar White, Jr.

Lamar White, Jr.
Lamar is the publisher and founder of the Bayou Brief; a native of Alexandria, Louisiana; a graduate of Alexandria Senior High School, Rice University in Houston, and SMU’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, and an award-winning muckraker. He was the last person Andrew Breitbart ever insulted (and apologized to), and he’s responsible for breaking a series of national news stories about racism and political corruption in Texas, Mississippi, and his beloved Louisiana. He lives in Gert Town in New Orleans along with his vicious golden retrievers, Lucy Ana and Ruby Bridges.

Still Krazy After All These Years: Michael Tisserand on George Herriman, Racial Politics in...

  In a New York Times op-ed in May, New Orleans author Michael Tisserand wrote about the Confederate monuments that at the time were yet...

Lynda Woolard: Why I Stopped Marching

There have been so many marches that I forget some of them until I look back through my iPhotos. From one of the early marches, I have a picture of an attendee holding a sign that read: “We can do this every weekend.”  Can we?

Edward J. Branley on Gumbo’s Place in New Orleans’ History

Read an excerpt from Edward J. Branley's forthcoming "Krauss: The New Orleans Value Store," to be released by The History Press in September.

Boost in Young Voter Turnout Could Make All the Difference in Local Elections this...

Younger people just don't vote — that's the conventional wisdom, anyway. But we’ve seen a boost in turnout for voters under age 45 in recent elections in New Orleans. Will this trend continue into the upcoming local races this fall?

Overboard! One Louisiana Businessman. Four Politicians. And A Scandal That Is Slowly Unfolding.

A powerful sheriff, his chief deputy, the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, and the state Rep. who chairs the Appropriations Committee all have one thing in common, and it's not just their party affiliation.

Exclusive: Supt. John White’s PRAXIS Test Scores

He passed with flying colors.

According to Attorney General Jeff Landry, His Violent Crime Task Force Spent Money On...

I will send Mr. Donovan a clarification, inform him that his interpretation was in error, and ask how I can possibly purchase one of those t-shirts. 

I Spent A Month Listening To Louisianians. Here’s What I Learned.

The progressive movement in Louisiana is more organized now than it has been in decades.

Louisiana Democratic Party Supports “Krista’s Fight for Medicaid”

The proposed Republican health care bill, if passed, will take away health coverage from 22 million Americans and will devastate Medicaid. In Louisiana, Governor...

Opinion | Garret Graves Wants To Treat Families On Food Stamps Like Felons On...

Ever since Ronald Reagan decried “welfare queens driving Cadillacs,” Republicans have used public assistance as a dog whistle to their white voters, roughly meaning “lazy black freeloaders.”