Lamar White, Jr.

Lamar White, Jr.
Lamar is the publisher and founder of the Bayou Brief; a native of Alexandria, Louisiana; a graduate of Alexandria Senior High School, Rice University in Houston, and SMU’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, and an award-winning muckraker. He was the last person Andrew Breitbart ever insulted (and apologized to), and he’s responsible for breaking a series of national news stories about racism and political corruption in Texas, Mississippi, and his beloved Louisiana. He lives in Gert Town in New Orleans along with his vicious golden retrievers, Lucy Ana and Ruby Bridges.

When Democrats Succeed, Women Succeed

As a Democrat working to rebuild after 2016, and a pro-choice woman, who not only organizes in Louisiana but also lives and votes here,...

Why Southern Democrats Struggle With The Politics of Abortion

Democrats--particularly Democrats outside of the South--do a tremendous disservice to the party when they insist that pro-life candidates should not have a seat inside of our Big Tent.

Disgraced Former LA Health Secretary Greenstein Now Chief Technology Officer of Trump's HHS

Bruce Greenstein, the disgraced former Secretary of Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals under Gov. Bobby Jindal, was recently named the Trump administration's Chief...

Calling an Appel an Orange: One State Senator’s Love Note to Bad Government and...

Louisiana State Sen. Conrad Appel, a term-limited Republican from Metairie and a man who spent his years as Chairman of the Senate Education Committee...

An Interview With Vox’s Sean Illing: “There Is No Straight Line to Your Goal”

During the last two years, Sean Illing—journalist, self-described “failed professor,” Air Force veteran, and holder of a doctorate in political science from LSU—has staked...

Monumental Task Farce: The Last Stand of the Lost Cause

The e-mails received by Lt. Gov. Nungesser's office reveal a much more complicated truth about the real power behind the opposition and about New Orleans itself. 

Fathers and Sons: Forging a Blood Oath One Bead At a Time

Text by Ben Arnon and Erika Alexander Photos by Ben Arnon Blackness in America is a tangled web, often woven from shallow narratives and clichéd stereotypes. ...

Un De Nous Autres: The Mission of The Bayou Brief

To be one of us is to cover a lot of ground.