Sue Lincoln

Sue Lincoln
Sue Lincoln is a veteran and widely-respected reporter who has been covering Louisiana politics for nearly three decades. Originally from Long Beach, California, Sue’s career in journalism began on the radio in Los Angeles. After moving to Louisiana, Sue earned her bachelor’s degree. For ten years, from 2000-2010, she was the Assistant News Director at Louisiana Network. Sue also worked as the education reporter for Louisiana Public Broadcasting and has contributed to various state publications as a freelance journalist. But she is perhaps best known as the voice of the popular politics Capitol Access.

Halftime Report

“It's not a matter of being 'for' or 'against'. It's the system we have. We have to keep it.” -- Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne

Chief Justice: A Scolding, And Food for Thought

“Let us be candid: innocence, though presumed by our system, is currently bad for our bottom line.” – Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Johnson

Budget Hard To Swallow? Maybe Some Whine Will Help

“Don't we have able-bodied folks on Medicaid expansion who are not working and should be? Compare them to the 46-thousand disabled folks, and they're not as deserving of funding as those who are unable to work.” – Sen. Sharon Hewitt

In Budget Debate, House GOP Leaders Reveal End Game Plan

“We're just telling people we want them to die, because they won't have a hospital to go to?” -- Rep. Malinda White

Sure – NOW They Worry About the Feds

“This is still a prohibited drug by the federal government. How do we reconcile that?” -- Sen. Francis Thompson

Obtuse: Men Making Laws About Women

“We constantly ask this body to forget the reality of the lives we live in. We constantly want to push things under the rug.” – Rep. Pat Smith

Lipstick on the Pig

“This budget document is not worth the paper it’s printed on.” – Gov. John Bel Edwards

Matters of Life and Death

“Let us end the culture of death, and truly build a culture of life.” – Bishop Shelton Fabre

What The ?: Battles Over Beasts, Bouquets and Bulletproof Backpacks

“These can provide protection from a handgun or a shotgun, but not an AR-15.” -- Sen. Mike Walsworth

More Than A Fiscal Cliff: An Economic Hurricane

“Inaction risks the health and lives of too many of our citizens.” -- Gov. John Bel Edwards