Sue Lincoln

Sue Lincoln
Sue Lincoln is a veteran and widely-respected reporter who has been covering Louisiana politics for nearly three decades. Originally from Long Beach, California, Sue’s career in journalism began on the radio in Los Angeles. After moving to Louisiana, Sue earned her bachelor’s degree. For ten years, from 2000-2010, she was the Assistant News Director at Louisiana Network. Sue also worked as the education reporter for Louisiana Public Broadcasting and has contributed to various state publications as a freelance journalist. But she is perhaps best known as the voice of the popular politics Capitol Access.

An Uncivil War=

Name-calling, bogus votes push Louisiana House closer to special session failure

“Do or (Sine) Die”

The Louisiana House is giving the special session one final try.

“Suckered. Bamboozled. Fugabooed”: The Emperor Has No Clothes

House Republicans out their own leadership's plan to create failure.

Blame Claims: Who is Responsible for the House Impasse?

“You guys can have different opinions, but you can't have your own facts.” – Representative Ted James (D-Baton Rouge)

Spinning in Circles: House Bills Move, But Is It Forward Motion?

An old riddle asks, "Why did the dog chase his tail?" To make ends meet.

Keeping Score: Influencing Special Session Outcomes

Is the LABI "scorecard" prompting some lawmakers to push back against the new agreement for addressing the fiscal cliff?

Another Battle of Biblical Proportions in Louisiana House Committee

Could the failure of Medicaid restriction bills signify a parting of the Red Sea?

Louisiana’s “Disciples of No” are ignoring the warning signs

Yesterday, a small group of Republican state legislators, often known as the Jindal Caucus, inserted a poison pill amendment that they realized would blow up negotiations. The problem is they have no end game, and moderate Republicans are growing increasingly frustrated.

Day 2: Forging Ahead

Heated at times, House committees hammered away at some of the special session bills.   On the second day of 2018's special session, Louisiana's Republican House...

“The Problems We Face Are Not New”: Promises vs. Partisanship

"We've been through this song and dance before. The problems that we face are not new,” Governor John Bel Edwards said, as he addressed...