Sue Lincoln

Sue Lincoln
Sue Lincoln is a veteran and widely-respected reporter who has been covering Louisiana politics for nearly three decades. Originally from Long Beach, California, Sue’s career in journalism began on the radio in Los Angeles. After moving to Louisiana, Sue earned her bachelor’s degree. For ten years, from 2000-2010, she was the Assistant News Director at Louisiana Network. Sue also worked as the education reporter for Louisiana Public Broadcasting and has contributed to various state publications as a freelance journalist. But she is perhaps best known as the voice of the popular politics Capitol Access.

Qualifying Quickies: 2019 State Elections, Day 2

The lone statewide incumbent who had not qualified for re-election on the first day of sign-ups was Treasurer John Schroder. He remedied...

2019 Election Qualifying Day One: Here’s Your Sign

"These jobs don't come with training wheels." -- Mike Strain

Rispone: Insider Background Contradicts Outsider Claims

(Editor's Note: With qualifying for the 2019 state elections commencing in two weeks, we've received numerous requests to republish this Rispone backgrounder,...

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Doc Abraham Claims He “Gave Up His Practice,” Also Claims Income from New Clinic

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Bracing for Barry

“Everything about this storm is just different than what we typically deal with.” - Gov. John Bel Edwards

Campaign 2019: Road-Tripping with Gov. John Bel Edwards

"I hope when you put your head on your pillow at night, you realize the positive effect you have on people -- today, and for the future." -- Gov. John Bel Edwards

Many Fireworks: Sparks Fly Between Police Chief and Mayor

Freeman vs Freeman feud headed to court and fall ballot

Untaming the Shrew: Shills for the Spill

In Act 1, Sue Lincoln returns to the Bayou Brief with a poignant personal letter about the support she received from an unlikely acquaintance. And in Act 2, she takes that advice to call out a billionaire who has been spilling much more than opinions on education policy.

Constructing a Cheaper Classification of Workers

“A contractor who doesn’t do it right can bid lower than those who do.” – Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera