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Lafayette is Failing the Widow and Child of Slain Police Officer

The Lafayette Consolidated Government is saddling the widow of Cpl. Michael Middlebrook with an additional $4,000 a year in health insurance costs, even though there is an easy solution. Their failure to do the right thing represents the very worst kind of government and betrays the community they serve.

As a Congressman, Sen. Bill Cassidy Failed to “Adequately Document” 75% of His Paid Health Care Work for LSU

As the country discusses the merits of the Cassidy and Graham proposal to repeal Obamacare, it’s worth remembering that Cassidy, the bill’s principal author and sponsor, could not produce the vast majority of time sheets documenting his work at LSU. This is still a problem, no matter how the Senator or LSU attempts to explain their highly unusual and ethically problematic business relationship.