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Confessions of a Krewe du Vieux Member

For most of the world, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is known for its enormous parades and mega-krewes, but for locals, the tradition of political satire is the truest expression of the spirit and purpose of Carnival.

Peter Athas tells the story of the Krewe du Vieux and how his “sub-krewe”- the Krewe of Spank- have carried on that tradition with irreverent and unapologetic gusto.

‘City of a Million Dreams’ is a Lucid, Lyrical Masterpiece

Award-winning writer Jason Berry’s new book is the definitive history of New Orleans, a 300-year-old city that challenges, defies, yet still exemplifies the American mythos.

For his final article of 2018, publisher Lamar White, Jr. sat down with Berry for a candid conversation about the past, present, and future of New Orleans.

Book Review | Landfall by Greg Meffert

The self-published memoir by Greg Meffert, New Orleans’ disgraced former Chief Technology Officer, reveals a brash opportunist at the center of a massive public corruption scandal. Meffert’s book has moments of insight, but ultimately, “Landfall” is about a man who still struggles to acknowledge the extent of his own downfall.

A review by Peter Athas.

Outrage and Outages

Following the revelation that a subcontractor for utility giant Entergy had paid actors to support its bid for a controversial new power plant in New Orleans, the company now finds itself in a public relations meltdown.