The Kingfish Compendium

A collection of documents, reports, essays, articles, photographs, and videos about the assassination of U.S. Sen. Huey Pierce Long, Jr. and the killing of Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Sr.

The Trilogy

The Kingfish is dead. Long live the Kingfish.

During his brief but extraordinary life, Huey P. Long inspired and enraged, fundamentally reshaping how politics would be defined in his home state for generations. Today, more than 85 years after his death, disagreement about whether this epochal event was an assassination or an accident carries with it assumptions about class and privilege, questions about loyalty versus duty, and competing claims over whom we should entrust to tell historical truths.
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Holes in the Story: Huey P. Long, Carl Weiss, and the American Spectacle of Conspiracy

Featuring exclusive, previously unreleased photographs and reports that have been either buried with time or kept hidden from the public, this sweeping conclusion to the Bayou Brief’s trilogy on the assassination of Huey P. Long unpacks a conspiracy theory that has persisted for more than 86 years and challenges the portrayals of his alleged assassin, Dr. Carl A. Weiss, Sr., as an innocent victim of a corrupt cover-up.
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Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Sr.

Every Man a King

My First Days in the White House

Warning: This contains images from the crime scene that may be disturbing and inappropriate for children under 12. Parental discretion is advised.

Front-pages of Louisiana Newspapers

Photographs and Images

Huey P. Long’s Clothing and Crime Scene Photos from the Night of Sunday, Sept. 8, 1935

Documents and Reports

By Francis C. Grevemberg

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Essays and Articles

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