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The Great Grigsby

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone owes his meteoric rise to a mega-wealthy, loud-mouthed construction magnate who openly brags about his scheme to buy Louisiana’s government, one politician at a time. For years, he has operated behind the scenes, but today, he wants you to know who is really in charge. Meet Lane Grigsby.

The Rumble After the Jungle

The LSU Tigers beat the Florida Gators. Ralph Abraham was vanquished, and despite a better-than-expected showing in both East Baton Rouge...

Fear and Loathing in Louisiana

Table Of ContentsPrologueLest Ye Be JudgedVictimcriteDishonest AbeThe Missing Congressman vs. the Kissing CongressmanWelfare KingThe Pharmer and...

Eddie Rispone: Despite Some Resemblance, He’s No Ross Perot

“A bad parody of Ross Perot, without any of the redeeming humor of Dana Carvey.”

Erector Set: Power$ Behind the Hoped-for Throne

This is the second article in our updated and reprised "Erector Set" series -- an in depth look into Louisiana governor candidate Eddie Rispone

Governor Candidates: That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It

Fewer than 20 days remain until the statewide primary election, and while voters may not be either besotted or benumbed by the...

Governor Debate Review: Small Substance, Bigger Hissy-Fits

The trio of top-spending and top-polling candidates in the governor’s race met for their first televised debate Thursday evening, conducted at LSU’s...

Of Surrealists & Sheriffs

Last time, I introduced myself and explained the column name: 13th Ward Rambler. Given that I ramble at times, it's almost self-explanatory but I digress. It’s...

Apples to Apples: A Tale of Two Pharmacies

Abraham’s campaign hasn’t responded to reports that his pharmacies ordered a massive supply of opioids, but the numbers speak loudly.

Bayou Brief | Impact Report: The Brief’s Interruption

The Bayou Brief has changed the conversation and made a difference in promoting fact-based public interest journalism and commentary about the most important issues confronting the state of Louisiana.