Posts from: September 2017

Conrad the Appellate

State Sen. Conrad Appel is an outspoken critic of trial lawyers. And yet he may be the legislature’s most prolific plaintiff.

But a wealthy businessman publicly undermining the civil justice system is not only hypocritical; it’s dangerous for our democracy and our environment.

The B-List

Peter Athas is uninspired by the first-string candidates in New Orleans’ mayoral race.

Reverend Gable: The Senate Must Preserve Americans’ Rights to Stand Up Against Big Banks

For too long, we have seen banks, pay day lenders, and credit card companies get away with scamming our neighbors, especially poor and older Americans.  Through widespread schemes laced with fraud and deception, these multibillion dollar companies have stopped at nothing to unjustly take hard earned money from working families and those struggling to make ends meet.

As a Congressman, Sen. Bill Cassidy Failed to “Adequately Document” 75% of His Paid Health Care Work for LSU

As the country discusses the merits of the Cassidy and Graham proposal to repeal Obamacare, it’s worth remembering that Cassidy, the bill’s principal author and sponsor, could not produce the vast majority of time sheets documenting his work at LSU. This is still a problem, no matter how the Senator or LSU attempts to explain their highly unusual and ethically problematic business relationship.