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Ray Nichols, Superconnector and One of Louisiana’s Most Prominent and Innovative Voices on Social...

Nichols, who grew up in Acadiana and was a long-time resident of New Orleans, had been in the business of “connecting people” for nearly two decades, and, in the process, he built vibrant, new communities of social entrepreneurs, writers, educators, artists, advocates for environmental justice, and champions of Louisiana.

Bayou Brief Adds COO and Chief Cultural Columnist

Cayman Clevenger Relinquishes Board Seat to Become Bayou Brief COO, Lydia Y. Nichols Joins as Chief Cultural Reporter

Deployment Penalty: How Big Auto Insurers Hike Premiums on Returning Vets

In what amounts to a deployment penalty, several large Louisiana car insurers raise rates, in some cases by nearly 30%, on National Guard...

Insurance Commissioner Donelon Accepts $20K from Man Indicted for Attempting to Bribe NC Commissioner

Since 2015, Donelon has received more than $680,000 in campaign donations from insurance companies and agents.

Major Insurers Charge Louisiana’s Blue-Collar Workers More for Basic Coverage Than White-Collar Workers

The research highlights a problem that impacts a significant proportion of Louisiana drivers, yet one that was apparently unknown to Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon.

The Task Farce: What a Missing Report Reveals About the Insurance Industry’s Failed Effort...

On April 15th, when state Rep. Kirk Talbot first introduced HB 372, a now-defeated proposal that had been known as the...

VIDEO: Douglas Heller, Nationally-Acclaimed Auto Insurance Expert, Eviscerates LABI-Backed “Reform” Bill

If you’ve had a hard time understanding why car insurance became such a thorny issue this session, watch this video.

Driven Into the Ground

This afternoon, following a nearly four hour-long debate, Louisiana state Rep. Kirk Talbot’s sweeping tort reform...

In Louisiana, Auto Insurers Have a License to Discriminate

Auto insurance reform in Louisiana requires the legislature to stand up for the working class, women, widows, and widowers. Can they muster the courage in an election year?