Video Commentary | An historic election in Alexandria should not be hijacked by hatred

Fair warning: This video is an hour and fourteen minutes long, and chances are that if you’re not from Central Louisiana, you may doze off within the first ten minutes. But if  you are from CenLa, I encourage you to watch this, because the vitriol expressed against my reporting reveals a lot of uncomfortable but important truths about the state of the region’s toxic politics.

Celeta McCall (pictured above, photo source: Facebook) and her son Tavares Swafford have spent the better part of the past week on their online radio show smearing me as a racist for publishing a series of reports about the Alexandria mayor’s race, reports that exclusively concerned campaign finance disclosures, polling data, and a potentially illegal sample ballot. 

This is my response (best viewed in full screen mode): 

The original videos can be located via Facebook.