The Jumbled Jungle: A Note on Recommendations

The Bayou Brief is a nonprofit news publication organized and established to better inform the people of Louisiana of the stories and events that affect their livelihoods, their communities, their culture, their environment, and the decisions made by their elected officials. We do not accept donations or contribute money or resources to political candidates (though we do not believe in constraining the rights of any of our contributors from personally donating money to whomever they may support and believe it is essential to our integrity as a democracy to promote- and not discourage- the fundamental right to vote and participate).

As a publication, however, our singular objective is only to publish fact-based, investigative journalism and informed commentary that contributes to the public discourse.

This is our first year in which we face the decision on whether to issue candidate recommendations, and it is not a decision we take lightly. For one, unlike those in the corporate media, we do not yet have the resources or the capacity to conduct interviews with every candidate in every election. We also are cognizant that readers who disagree with our recommendations may misinterpret our motives and analysis. Many news publications avoid recommendations completely for these exact reasons.

But ideally, recommendations can offer a publication like The Bayou Brief the best and most important opportunity to articulate the values to which we aspire and to inform readers about which candidates, in our assessment, offer better solutions and stronger leadership for our state and our nation.

During the next three days, we will publish our recommendations for Louisiana Secretary of State, all six Congressional districts, mayor of Shreveport, and two clerk of court races in Orleans Parish.  

In one of those races, we are recommending two candidates, who we believe are all equally worthy of consideration.

Late tonight, we will publish our recommendations for both of the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court races and the race for Shreveport mayor.