Illuminated balconies on Barracks Street in the French Quarter, beneath the clouds under a Super Pink Moon. The largest Super-moon of the year thrilled skywatchers on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020.
The Royal Street Inn, aka R-Bar, glowing bright red but shuttered under the Quarantine, an unfortunately quiet time during an otherwise vibrant social season, often full of neighborhood activity on a night like this.
Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, Louisiana – An abandoned set for a film: missing a cast and a crew, absent of actors and extras.
All activity has come to a full-stop under the worldwide pandemic. A police car is stationed where one might expect to see brass bands entertaining large crowds that often converge on the corner of Chartres and Frenchmen Streets.
A single pedestrian makes their way across a familiar thoroughfare, usually a hopping intersection between the lower French Quarter and Faubourg Marigny. On the left: the Old U.S. Mint, now home to The New Orleans Jazz Museum, illuminated in its iconic location.
Elysian Fields, while desolate and deserted, also serene and surreal – yet looking less like a road to paradise than usual.
A praise-worthy letter carrier on foot braving the world on our behalf in the Bywater Neighborhood of New Orleans: working cheerfully amidst an international pandemic, and happy as ever their weekend is about to begin.
An aerosol artist in the Bywater reinventing her bicycle from the ground up – making the most of the moment, since thieves made off with the wheels this past week.
Backed by fresh graffiti, one masked neighbor is taking the situation more seriously, out with his friend, Sergeant Speckles, on a brief adventure during the golden hour.
A Dynamic Duo: neighbors take to collaboration to combat the quarantine and prescribed social distancing. Here on Royal Street folks gets an impromptu show while a canine friend looks out from behind a locked gate, perhaps pondering how we got to this point.
Social Distancing Warriors taking the opportunity to go the long way around during the coronavirus pandemic.
A feeling of being together but while also all alone: a theme of the moment under the quarantine.
Neighbors intentionally scattered along the levee of the Industrial Canal: social distancing in respective cells, all the while everyone enjoys the epic weather on the waterfront.
Graffiti artists have serendipitously embraced a WWI Era military base as their most extent canvas.