Saturday, December 5, 2020

J.S. Makkos

J.S. Makkos
J.S. Makkos is an archivist and photojournalist who manages a collection of over 30,000 historic New Orleans newspapers. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Cultural Preservation at Louisiana State University's School of Art + Design and a resident of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

This Never-Before-Seen Scrapbook Chronicles the News of the Kingfish’s Death

New Orleans printmaker Jane Barnard Bland preserved this scrapbook her father made after Huey P. Long died. 85 years later, we're publishing it online.

Staying Connected in Light of the Pandemic

As necessity becomes the mother of adaptation people search for splendor.

A Tale of Two Cities: New Orleans Under Quarantine

While popular nightlife spots in New Orleans are curtailed under the Quarantine, residents take to social distancing with a new set of rules. A photo essay.

As the Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads, the French Quarter Empties.

A photo essay by J.S. Makkos.