Cayman Clevenger

Cayman Clevenger
Arts and Culture editor Cayman Clevenger is a New Orleans-based art broker, certified fine art appraiser, attorney, and realtor. Born in Shreveport, Cayman grew up in the small town of Many, Louisiana outside of Natchitoches. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Tulane University and a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas. After finishing law school, he returned to Louisiana, where he and his wife Sarah are raising their daughter Evangeline. His website is

Inside the Luminous, Fantastical, and Endlessly Fascinating World of Hunt Slonem’s Louisiana

Tulane University’s most illustrious living artistic alumnus shares his wisdom and muses on Louisiana, life, spirituality, creativity, and Abraham Lincoln.

Louisiana’s Van Gogh: The Illuminating Works of James Michalopoulos

James Michalopoulos’ solo exhibition “Heart of the Matter: The Celebration of the Essential in Everyday Life” will be on display at Shreveport’s R.W. Norton Museum until Dec. 15.

King George

The True Story of Louisiana’s “I Voted” Sticker.