Lamar White, Jr.

Lamar White, Jr.
Lamar writes about the people, the politics, and the magic of Louisiana. He is the founder and publisher of the Bayou Brief and a contributing writer for the Daily Beast. Lamar is best known for his investigative reporting on public corruption, racism, and civil rights. He has appeared as a guest on CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC, and he's been the subject of profiles in The Washington Post, The Advocate, and Huffington Post. Before launching the Bayou Brief, he published CenLamar, a popular blog that initially covered the drama of City Hall in his hometown of Alexandria. Lamar is a graduate of Rice University in Houston and the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Today he lives in New Orleans and is currently writing a book about the life of reputed New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello.

Grevy: The Life and Times of a Louisiana Iconoclast

Publisher's Note: What follows is...

Gov. John Bel Edwards Once Said Jeff Landry Was "On the Wrong Side of...

In 2016, Edwards said Landry was "on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of history" after the state attorney general went to court to block an Executive Order on workforce protections for LGBTQ employees.

As a Divided Committee Advances Bill to Neuter Coastal Lawsuits Against Big Oil, a...

After eight years of legal wrangling, as six coastal parishes stand on the brink of unlocking billions to repair the environmental damages allegedly caused by illegal and largely unpermitted activities of Big Oil, the state legislature considers a bill that would strike down the lawsuits and throw out a breakthrough $100 million settlement already negotiated with one of the companies involved.

Carlos Marcello and the Making of a Mafia Myth

In the second part of the Bayou Brief’s Godfather Trilogy, we trace Marcello’s meteoric rise to power, his covert connections to a dark web of gangsters and racketeers and a secret society known as Cosa Nostra, and the spectacle of the city that would catapult him into the national spotlight.

Exclusive: Internal Memo Circulated by LA GOP’s Sharon Hewitt Outlines Effort to Undermine Emergency...

Memo advises GOP legislators to buck Trump White House guidelines and ignore the advice and recommendations of public health experts.

Breaking Tony’s Spell

There is at least one positive to the sudden celebrity of a renegade Pentecostal pastor: It’s exposed the man as the criminal fraudster he had been all along.

U.S. Supreme Court Relegates Louisiana’s Split Jury Convictions to “the Dustbin of History”

State Attorney General Jeff Landry squandered a fortune defending a law that voters had already rejected and a majority conservative Supreme Court found to be racist.

Calogero Minacore and the Making of Carlos Marcello

Part One of the Bayou Brief's Godfather Trilogy

Captain Clay Becomes Emotional When Lafayette’s Tansations Cancels In-Person Job Interviews Due to Global...

Clay Higgins’ most recent performance as “Captain Clay” is a provocative piece of satire about an archetype of the Trump era.