Lamar White, Jr.

Lamar White, Jr.
Lamar is the publisher and founder of the Bayou Brief; a native of Alexandria, Louisiana; a graduate of Alexandria Senior High School, Rice University in Houston, and SMU’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, and an award-winning muckraker. He was the last person Andrew Breitbart ever insulted (and apologized to), and he’s responsible for breaking a series of national news stories about racism and political corruption in Texas, Mississippi, and his beloved Louisiana. He lives in Gert Town in New Orleans along with his vicious golden retrievers, Lucy Ana and Ruby Bridges.

Rispone Campaign Consultant Owns “Conservative News” Site That Criticized Ralph Abraham

According to campaign finance reports filed with the Louisiana Ethics Administration, Eddie Rispone’s campaign spent $278,114.60 with a company owned by the same man who owns the web publication.

Eddie Rispone Has Your Number… and Some of Your Receipts As Well.

Eddie Rispone paid an affiliate of the Koch Brothers empire that sells your personal information and consumer data, posing serious concerns about privacy rights and the ethics of Big Tech in the era of fake news.

The Rumble After the Jungle

The LSU Tigers beat the Florida Gators. Ralph Abraham was vanquished, and despite a better-than-expected showing in both East Baton Rouge...

Fear and Loathing in Louisiana

Artwork by Lamar White, Jr., Bayou Brief Table Of ContentsPrologueLest Ye Be JudgedVictimcriteDishonest AbeThe Missing Congressman...

60 Years Ago, JFK Attended the 23rd International Rice Festival in Crowley. For the...

At the invitation of Judge Edmund Reggie, John F. Kennedy was the guest of honor at the 23rd annual International Rice Festival in Crowley, where he was joined by his wife Jackie.

In Acadia Parish, A Family Empire Built Through the Clerk of Court’s Office

In the late summer of 1999, after a career spanning more than four decades, Andy Barousse...

The Other General

William Tecumseh Sherman was the school's first superintendent, but "the father of LSU" was a Virginia-born aristocrat who moved to Rapides Parish, earned a fortune through his cotton plantation, and then lost almost everything during the Civil War.

James Carville’s Stirring Tribute to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco

Last month, James Carville closed his first class of the semester at LSU with moving dedication to former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco.

The Beginning of Hell

"I don't know how I got to safety after the riot," a black trainee at Camp Claiborne recalled. "I only know one thing and that is, whenever anybody says, 'Remember Pearl Harbor,' I will say, 'I will remember Lee Street.'"

Baton Rouge Police Officers Disciplined After Records Request Reveals Racist E-mails

Last month, after being notified that personal correspondence in the government email accounts of two current Baton Rouge police officers contained...