Lamar White, Jr.

Lamar White, Jr.
Lamar is the publisher and founder of the Bayou Brief; a native of Alexandria, Louisiana; a graduate of Alexandria Senior High School, Rice University in Houston, and SMU’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas, and an award-winning muckraker. He was the last person Andrew Breitbart ever insulted (and apologized to), and he’s responsible for breaking a series of national news stories about racism and political corruption in Texas, Mississippi, and his beloved Louisiana. He lives in Gert Town in New Orleans along with his vicious golden retrievers, Lucy Ana and Ruby Bridges.

James Carville’s Stirring Tribute to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco

Last month, James Carville closed his first class of the semester at LSU with moving dedication to former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco.

The Beginning of Hell

"I don't know how I got to safety after the riot," a black trainee at Camp Claiborne recalled. "I only know one thing and that is, whenever anybody says, 'Remember Pearl Harbor,' I will say, 'I will remember Lee Street.'"

Baton Rouge Police Officers Disciplined After Records Request Reveals Racist E-mails

Last month, after being notified that personal correspondence in the government email accounts of two current Baton Rouge police officers contained...

A Bountiful Harvest

Among Medicare enrollees, in 2013, the year before running for Congress, Ralph Abraham ranked as the 11th most prolific family practice opioid prescriber in Louisiana.

Apples to Apples: A Tale of Two Pharmacies

Abraham’s campaign hasn’t responded to reports that his pharmacies ordered a massive supply of opioids, but the numbers speak loudly.

Excuses for the Doctor

The effort to ignore or mislead Louisiana about the significant volume of opioids dispensed at pharmacies owned by Dr. Ralph Abraham diminishes the severity of an American-made epidemic.


U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham’s Pharmacies Dispensed Nearly 1.5 Million Doses of Opioids in Two Rural Louisiana Towns With a Combined Population of 6,000 People

Bayou Brief | Impact Report: The Brief’s Interruption

The Bayou Brief has changed the conversation and made a difference in promoting fact-based public interest journalism and commentary about the most important issues confronting the state of Louisiana.

Bayou Brief | Impact Report: A Letter from the Publisher

The Bayou Brief is embarking on a fundraising drive, aiming to double our support and expand our work for the next two years. Throughout the next three weeks, we are sharing a comprehensive Impact Report to unpack precisely how we have made a difference during our first two years and to explain our vision for the future.

Louisiana College’s Draconian Policies on Social Media Use Horrifies Students, Professors, and Alumni

Multiple students believe the policy, among other things, will prevent victims from coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse.