Mary Rickard


Last Call for the Bayou

A new, five-part series on the Smithsonian Channel vividly documents the tragic destruction of Louisiana’s protective marshlands and how rising sea levels caused by climate change imperil one of the world’s most complex ecosystems.

Widening New Orleans’ Industrial Canal could pose “an existential threat” to the city’s most...

Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward vigorously oppose the Army Corps of Engineers' $1 billion plan to widen the Industrial Canal, fearing it could destroy a neighborhood and a culture that Katrina nearly wiped out. Environmental scientists and independent engineers agree.

Santosha Village in New Orleans: Tiny Living, Big Opportunities

"We want to bypass conventional thinking," Khan explained. "Our fundamental structure is flawed. You should own, but own sustainably." "Going tiny is not about square-footage as much as its about freedom. If a house costs $15,000, it's a game-changer." At $300 per month, you can own a $15,000 house in five years; at $150 per month, you can own in 10 years and take it wherever you want to go.