Mary Rickard


Widening New Orleans’ Industrial Canal could pose “an existential threat” to the city’s most...

Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward vigorously oppose the Army Corps of Engineers' $1 billion plan to widen the Industrial Canal, fearing it could destroy a neighborhood and a culture that Katrina nearly wiped out. Environmental scientists and independent engineers agree.

Santosha Village in New Orleans: Tiny Living, Big Opportunities

"We want to bypass conventional thinking," Khan explained. "Our fundamental structure is flawed. You should own, but own sustainably." "Going tiny is not about square-footage as much as its about freedom. If a house costs $15,000, it's a game-changer." At $300 per month, you can own a $15,000 house in five years; at $150 per month, you can own in 10 years and take it wherever you want to go.