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In Louisiana, Auto Insurers Charge Wealthy Drivers with a DWI Staggeringly Less Than Drivers...

Most drivers do not realize that their credit history might be the cause of their high auto...

In Louisiana, Widows Pay As Much As 15% More for Auto Insurance

Four of Louisiana’s six largest auto insurance companies increase rates for people who have lost a spouse compared with what is charged...

Wrecked: How Auto Insurance Takes Louisiana for a Ride

Louisiana’s auto insurance rates rank as one of the most expensive in the nation, right alongside Michigan, a state synonymous with...

Wrecked: A “Premium Reduction” Bill That Would Only Reduce Car Insurance Accountability, Protections for...

On Monday, the state House Civil Law committee recommended a bill that, if signed into law, would significantly weaken accountability for...

Don’t Give Prejudice A Pass

Leslie Ellison's Anti-LGBT Views Make Her Unfit to Lead the Orleans Parish School Board

Clementine’s Hunters: Chapter 1 | In Her Own Words

The iconic American folk artist Clementine Hunter conducted a series of oral interviews in the 1970s. For the first time ever, a transcript of one of those interviews is being made available to the public on the Bayou Brief, courtesy of LSUA's Sue Eakin Archives.

Clementine’s Hunters: Prologue

Three decades after her death at the age of 101, Clementine Hunter is now considered one of the most important folk artists in American history. In this multi-part investigative series, the Bayou Brief explores the life and legacy of Louisiana's most consequential painter and the ways in which her work has been both rightfully celebrated and criminally exploited since her death.

A Thanks/Giving Message from the Bayou Brief

"Change your opinions, keep to your principles. Change your leaves, keep intact your roots." -- Victor Hugo

How the Trump Administration Went Easy on Small-Town Police Abuses

The Obama Justice Department thought Ville Platte, Louisiana — where officers jail witnesses to crimes — could become a model of how to erase policing abuses that plague small towns across the nation. Jeff Sessions decided not to bother.

The history and enduring legacy of Bloody Caddo

As exemplified in the current debate over a courthouse monument, the failure to confront Shreveport’s brutal past still haunts the final capital city of the Confederacy to acknowledge defeat.