Troy Gilbert

Troy Gilbert
Troy Gilbert is an award-winning maritime journalist and author. As a native of New Orleans, Troy has written about the waters of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico for publications such as Sailing World, Asia-Pacific Boating, BoatUS, Mississippi Magazine, Southern Boating, the Times-Picayune and many others. His latest book, Gulf Latitudes, will be published by Globe Pequot and released in April of 2021.

Before the Cajun Navy, A Ragtag Group of Civilian Boaters Fought Nazi Germany Off...

The incredible, true story of when the Louisiana Gulf Coast was on the frontlines of World War II.

Taking the Helm: The Black Captains of the Gulf Coast and the Unnamed Hurricane...

The unearthing of the common existence of black schooner captains and crews throughout the 19th Century has profound effects on the history of the Gulf Coast. In the second of three installments, author Troy Gilbert looks into the unnamed hurricane of 1893, made famous by Kate Chopin in her book The Awakening, and identifies that many of the schooners and luggers that sank in the storm were crewed by black watermen and captains.

Taking the Helm: The “Negro Captains” and Crews of the Post-Civil War Gulf Coast

During Reconstruction, thousands of newly-emancipated slaves found freedom sailing in the Gulf. They helped to build the seafood industry and to rebuild the Deep South, yet their remarkable stories have been largely lost to time.

The Dark and Forgotten Fate of the Florinda

The epic saga of a crew of New Orleanians who set sail for the California Gold Rush, mysteriously vanished, and then re-emerged 26 years later, capturing the imagination of the entire world.

A Thalassic Classic About Foodways, Immigration, and the Ingredients That Converged in Louisiana

The strange 400 year voyage of the shrimp cocktail.