Monday, November 29, 2021
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A-Haunting We Will Go

Every region has legends of haunted locations; from the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California, to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, to...

Corpus Precori: The Peculiar Custom of Petitioning the Dead

What do a 12-year-old leukemia victim from rural Cajun country and an 80-year-old urban socialite from New Orleans, born nearly 150 years apart, have...

Holes in the Story: Huey P. Long, Carl Weiss, and the American Spectacle of Conspiracy

Featuring exclusive, previously unreleased photographs and reports that have been either buried with time or kept hidden from the public, this sweeping conclusion to the Bayou Brief's trilogy on the assassination of Huey P. Long unpacks a conspiracy theory that has persisted for more than 86 years and challenges the portrayals of his alleged assassin, Dr. Carl A. Weiss, Sr., as an innocent victim of a corrupt cover-up.

The Epic Lives of Edwin W. Edwards, 1927-2021

"I have always loved Louisiana, its people, its bayous, its land, and its eternal joie d'vie. That's my hope for you: That you will...

The (Second) Louisiana Progressive?

Troy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt, Whit Martin, and the Mantle of Louisiana Progressivism

The Stupid Party Rages On

Donald Trump didn't create a "new" Republican Party. He just plastered his brand on a faction of the party already dominant in the Deep South. As history reveals and as GOP leaders in Louisiana continue to prove, this isn't the "party of Lincoln." It's a party founded on and animated by the politics of racial segregation.

The Brazen Cajun

Louisiana's attorney general is now considered a leading contender in the 2023 governor's race, but while his record of intransigent and pugilistic partisanship may have made him into a force among the far-right, it also threatens to undermine his credibility with an electorate that scrutinizes gubernatorial candidates far more extensively than the electorate that shows up during federal elections. In this sweeping review of Landry's career in politics, we consider the issues most likely to dominate any discussion about whether he is qualified to lead one of the most diverse and most economically disadvantaged states in the nation.

Who Do You Play For?

Personal profits triumph over needs of people that certain politicians presumably represent

How Louisiana Republicans Trumpeted the Big Lie: Gen. Mayhem

Clay Higgins may have been Louisiana's first "Trumpian" politician, but Landry was its first Tea Party radical.

How Louisiana Republicans Trumpeted the Big Lie: Rousing a Reckoning

As the U.S. Senate soon considers whether or not to convict former President Donald Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, we consider the complicity of his most ardent and influential supporters in Louisiana, a state that played a critical part in fomenting outrage by propagating the Big Lie. This is the first in a three-part series.


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