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Bill Cassidy is Unseasoned Potato Salad

Louisiana's Bill Cassidy could have put his medical degree to great use on a massive scale, but instead, he cowered before the politics of the moment.

How Do We Get a Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Anyway?

Three weeks ago, on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, the Louisiana Democratic Party held its Reorganizational Meeting to elect party leadership — most notably the...

This Never-Before-Seen Scrapbook Chronicles the News of the Kingfish’s Death

New Orleans printmaker Jane Barnard Bland preserved this scrapbook her father made after Huey P. Long died. 85 years later, we're publishing it online.

The American Saga of Carlos Marcello

The final chapter of the Bayou Brief's "Godfather Trilogy" about the life of Carlos Marcello.

A Trio of Trump Appointees Give Louisiana a Game-Changing Victory in Coastal Damages Suit Against Big Oil

In a terse, five-page opinion, a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reject Big Oil's last ditch effort at avoiding accountability in state court.

Doxxieland: Unmasking the Racist Resistance

As the COVID pandemic continues its devastation in Louisiana, a pair of conservative talk radio hosts spearhead a campaign that purports to be about opposing government-imposed restrictions but appears to be a proxy for defenders of the Lost Cause.

Hysterical: How Lafayette’s Response to a Satirical Antifa Rally Became the Bigger Joke

According to a source familiar with the Lafayette Police Department, Mayor-President Josh Guillory paid five officers and a supervisor to stake out a fake gathering promoted on a satirical Facebook page, with orders to arrest any "antifas" on sight.

The Scoundrel: Clay Higgins Turned in His Badge, Twice, Before Campaigning for Congress as a Celebrity Cop.

Clay Higgins rose to power by telling a story about personal redemption, but his former boss, the sheriff of St. Landry Parish, now claims he would have never given him a second chance in law enforcement if he'd known what really happened before Higgins resigned from the police force in Opelousas.

WATCH: Power, Politics, and Protests: A Conversation with James Carville

Presented by the Bayou Brief, with host Frederick D. Bell.

The Bayou Brief's Compendium on Race, Power, and Louisiana History.

Note: This will be periodically updated. Preface During the past three years, we have featured dozens of stories about the enduring legacies of slavery and Jim...


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