Monday, December 11, 2023

An Exercise in (f)Utility

An Exercise in Futility

During his 30-year career with the energy giant Cleco, Jeff Hall was in the middle of the company’s acquisition of a nonprofit, publicly-owned electric cooperative in Jeanerette and a long-term management agreement for control over the public utility in Opelousas as well. Now, a year after the former Cleco VP was elected Alexandria mayor, Hall wants to hire a crisis communications consultant to help study privatizing the city’s 126-year-old nonprofit municipal utility system.

CenLa History

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CenLa Politics

Tilly Snyder Is Missing Again

Wikipedia’s decision to permanently delete John K. Snyder’s page cannot erase the true story of one of the most eccentric politicians in Louisiana history and the mastermind behind the Great Catfish Massacre of 1985.

A Fight Worth Having

How Louisianians can organize to stop the hellish domino effect of the Alito draft decision

Harry B. Silver (1922-2022), CenLa’s Most Celebrated Civic Champion Dies at 100

On Sept. 6, 1948, a little over two weeks after Harry Bernard Silver, a 26-year-old lawyer from East Orange, N.J., exchanged vows with 20-year-old...

Jeff Landry Reports His Campaign Spent Over $120K for Alligator Hunting Tags. There’s Just...

Before he won his first election, a campaign for Louisiana's Third Congressional District in 2010, Jeff Landry's claim to fame was his victory, ten...

The (Second) Louisiana Progressive?

Troy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt, Whit Martin, and the Mantle of Louisiana Progressivism