Thursday, December 3, 2020

An Exercise in (f)Utility

In for a Shock

In response to reports that Alexandria is contemplating privatizing its 126-year-old, nonprofit municipal utility system, some have claimed they’re paying too much, but anyone who believes a private operator will make things cheaper is in for a shock.

CenLa History

Best of the Brief

CenLa Politics

In Baton Rouge, Steve Carter’s Wife Bankrolls the “Independent” PAC Supporting His Campaign for...

Red Stick Forward isn't just playing fast and loose with the facts in its most recent commercial; the PAC may also be playing fast and loose with state law.

Theater of the Absurd: How A Louisiana Extremist Helped the Trump Campaign Manufacture Outrage

Months before Tuesday's election, a controversial GOP operative with ties to Baton Rouge began planning a series of voter fraud protests across the nation.

The Return of Double Bill

Legislation to curb surprise medical billing appeared to be headed toward passage until private equity firms launched a dark money campaign in opposition, recruiting Sen. Bill Cassidy to rewrite the rules in their favor. Since then, executives at the firms have showered the Louisiana Republican with nearly $60,000 in campaign cash, while the proposal appears to be stuck in idle.

In Louisiana’s Fifth District, GOP Candidates Pledge to Fight Socialism While Subsidizing Farmers

In a crowded race for an open seat, unless Democratic voters consolidate around one candidate, it appears as if we may be headed toward a runoff between two Republicans.