Friday, February 26, 2021

An Exercise in (f)Utility

In 1987, Alexandria Nearly Sold Its Utility System. Then, Someone Checked...

With Tilly Snyder finally out of office, a new mayor was told Alexandria’s utility system was in the red, and across the river, Cleco thought it saw blood in the water. The third installment of our ongoing series “An Exercise in fUtility.”

CenLa History

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CenLa Politics

A tribute to the Louisiana resident who pushed back against Rush Limbaugh’s on-air Katrina...

Ray Davis, better known as musician and psychedelic guru Ray Bong, celebrated his 65th birthday in January, 16 years after speaking to Rush Limbaugh...

How Louisiana Republicans Trumpeted the Big Lie: Rousing a Reckoning

As the U.S. Senate soon considers whether or not to convict former President Donald Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, we consider the complicity of his most ardent and influential supporters in Louisiana, a state that played a critical part in fomenting outrage by propagating the Big Lie. This is the first in a three-part series.

Landslide Landrieu and the GOP Plot to Steal a Seat in the United States...

Donald Trump's fantastical and baseless claims of voter fraud should sound familiar to most Louisiana voters. They're nearly identical to the bogus allegations that Republican Woody Jenkins made when he attempted to overturn Mary Landrieu's victory in 1996.

In Baton Rouge, Steve Carter’s Wife Bankrolls the “Independent” PAC Supporting His Campaign for...

Red Stick Forward isn't just playing fast and loose with the facts in its most recent commercial; the PAC may also be playing fast and loose with state law.

Theater of the Absurd: How A Louisiana Extremist Helped the Trump Campaign Manufacture Outrage

Months before Tuesday's election, a controversial GOP operative with ties to Baton Rouge began planning a series of voter fraud protests across the nation.