Wednesday, May 18, 2022

An Exercise in (f)Utility

In 1987, Alexandria Nearly Sold Its Utility System. Then, Someone Checked...

With Tilly Snyder finally out of office, a new mayor was told Alexandria’s utility system was in the red, and across the river, Cleco thought it saw blood in the water. The third installment of our ongoing series “An Exercise in fUtility.”

An Exercise in Futility

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Harry B. Silver (1922-2022), CenLa’s Most Celebrated Civic Champion Dies at 100

On Sept. 6, 1948, a little over two weeks after Harry Bernard Silver, a 26-year-old lawyer from East Orange, N.J., exchanged vows with 20-year-old...

Jeff Landry Reports His Campaign Spent Over $120K for Alligator Hunting Tags. There’s Just...

Before he won his first election, a campaign for Louisiana's Third Congressional District in 2010, Jeff Landry's claim to fame was his victory, ten...

The (Second) Louisiana Progressive?

Troy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt, Whit Martin, and the Mantle of Louisiana Progressivism

I Started a PAC to Defend Our Democracy Against Extremists Like Clay Higgins

Lafayette-based entrepreneur Ken Miller launches Blackthorn PAC to challenge the seditious and dystopian vision of America championed by a congressman who pals around with anti-government militia groups.

A Tale of Two Carters

As two veteran New Orleans politicos battle for the state's only solidly blue seat in Congress, how much will endorsements really matter?