An Exercise in (f)Utility

In for a Shock

In response to reports that Alexandria is contemplating privatizing its 126-year-old, nonprofit municipal utility system, some have claimed they’re paying too much, but anyone who believes a private operator will make things cheaper is in for a shock.

CenLa History

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CenLa Politics

After Using “Unnecessary Force” Against an Unarmed Black Man, He Turned in His Badge....

Clay Higgins rose to power by telling a story about personal redemption, but his former boss, the sheriff of St. Landry Parish, now claims he would have never given him a second chance in law enforcement if he'd known what really happened before Higgins resigned from the police force in Opelousas.

Under Pressure, Nungesser

Peter Athas on epistolary madness in New Orleans and Billy Nungesser’s apology.

Hell Of A Spell

Peter Athas on Tony Spell’s death tabernacle, John Neely Kennedy being stuck on stupid, Kevin Allman’s crusade against Mardi Gras misinformation, and other signs of our troubled times.

As Trump Declares Emergency Over Coronavirus, Disgraced Former Louisiana DHH Secretary Shares the Stage

Only four years ago, Greenstein was reportedly struggling to find a job and staring at nine felony indictments related to his role in awarding a lucrative state Medicaid contract to a former employer.