Monday, January 24, 2022
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David Grows Into Goliath: The Advocate Purchases the Times-Picayune

“The former fish swallows the whale.” - NPR Media Correspondent David Folkenflick on the sale of the Times-Picayune Yesterday afternoon, John Georges, an erstwhile political...

In Louisiana, Auto Insurers Have a License to Discriminate

Auto insurance reform in Louisiana requires the legislature to stand up for the working class, women, widows, and widowers. Can they muster the courage in an election year?

In Louisiana, Auto Insurers Charge Wealthy Drivers with a DWI Staggeringly Less Than Drivers with a Spotless Record but Poor Credit.

Most drivers do not realize that their credit history might be the cause of their high auto insurance premiums. But a new study of...

In Louisiana, Widows Pay As Much As 15% More for Auto Insurance

Four of Louisiana’s six largest auto insurance companies increase rates for people who have lost a spouse compared with what is charged when they are...

Wrecked: How Auto Insurance Takes Louisiana for a Ride

Louisiana’s auto insurance rates rank as one of the most expensive in the nation, right alongside Michigan, a state synonymous with the American car...

Wrecked: A “Premium Reduction” Bill That Would Only Reduce Car Insurance Accountability, Protections for Injured

On Monday, the state House Civil Law committee recommended a bill that, if signed into law, would significantly weaken accountability for auto insurance companies,...

Set in Louisiana: Top 40 Movies, 1938- Present

I'm back with a non-Carnival related piece. It is, however, inspired by the theme of this year's Bacchus parade: Starring Louisiana. It was their best theme in years and...

A Recovery from the Recovery: Has the Charter School Movement Traded One Set of Problems for Another?

Trey Poche unpacks the good, the bad, and the ugly about Louisiana's embrace of the charter school movement.

Clementine’s Hunters: Chapter 4 | Painting Yourself Into a Corner

“This investigation legitimized folk art and showed that the U.S. government was willing to preserve it and protect it." - Randy Deaton, FBI.


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