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B is for Budget, Backlash, and Bologna

"I appreciate Rep. Leger’s belt and suspenders approach, but it’s not necessary." - Rep. Cameron Henry

Leadership and the Lack Thereof

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18


The Epic Lives of Edwin W. Edwards, 1927-2021

"I have always loved Louisiana, its people, its bayous, its land, and its eternal joie d'vie. That's my hope for you: That you will...

Set in Louisiana: Top 40 Movies, 1938- Present

I'm back with a non-Carnival related piece. It is, however, inspired by the theme of this year's Bacchus parade: Starring Louisiana. It was their best theme in years and...

Louisiana Tunes: The Top 50* Songs About the Gret Stet

* Technically, 59 songs, but what’s wrong with a little lagniappe?

Carlos Marcello and the Making of a Mafia Myth

“I am not in no racket. I am not in no organized crime.” - Carlos Marcello

Joe Badon’s Cinema of the Weird

On the Northshore of New Orleans, where things can get fairly unremarkable from time to time, lives a filmmaker and artist whose work I’ve...
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