Monday, November 29, 2021
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Constitutional Amendments: Where Do “Union, Justice and Confidence” Fit In?

"No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws." -- Louisiana Constitution

Don’t Drink the Water!

Part 8 of our "Frack This" series, examining the gas and water emergency in DeSoto Parish

Can’t Win for Losing: Bluffing, Bid-Rigging and Baloney in the Secretary of State Race

“They’re just trying to cook up political news and create baloney. When you’re the front-runner, you have to expect that.” – Kyle Ardoin

Plaquemines Parish: Microcosm of Louisiana’s Near-Cosmic Dysfunctionalities

“This parish is ground zero for the coastal lawsuits. It is important for those inside and out of Plaquemines Parish to pay close attention to these elections.” – LOGA president Gifford Briggs

Cheerleading, Chiding and Chicanery

A look into LABI President Stephen Waguespack's change from an advocate for business coming to Louisiana, to an antagonist, warning investors away.

You Think You Have Rights? Louisiana’s “Lockbox” Says Otherwise

Objections to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline demonstrate how the system is rigged.

Bubble, Bubble: This Gas Means Trouble

Part Six of our ongoing series, "F#*ck This."

The DeSoto Parish Matter: “These Are the Facts As We See Them”

In rural northwest Louisiana, where fracking is now king, a state agency declared an environmental emergency. Months later, some affected residents and property owners still haven't been told. Sue Lincoln reports on her meeting with officials in Louisiana's Department of Natural Resources in Part Five of the series "F#*ck This."

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Part 3 of our continuing "F**CK THIS" series.


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