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The Bayou Brief's Compendium on Race, Power, and Louisiana History.

Note: This will be periodically updated. Preface During the past three years, we have featured dozens of stories about the enduring legacies of slavery and Jim...

Grevy: The Life and Times of a Louisiana Iconoclast

Publisher's Note: What follows is an extraordinary portrait of Frances Carroll Grevemberg, the controversial lawman, war hero, and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate whose four-year tenure as...

Gov. John Bel Edwards Once Said Jeff Landry Was "On the Wrong Side of the Law" About LGBTQ Rights. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court...

In 2016, Edwards said Landry was "on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of history" after the state attorney general went to court to block an Executive Order on workforce protections for LGBTQ employees.

How to Survive in Survival Mode

TL;DR - eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep

As a Divided Committee Advances Bill to Neuter Coastal Lawsuits Against Big Oil, a GOP Legislator Urges the Public to “Raise Hell”

After eight years of legal wrangling, as six coastal parishes stand on the brink of unlocking billions to repair the environmental damages allegedly caused by illegal and largely unpermitted activities of Big Oil, the state legislature considers a bill that would strike down the lawsuits and throw out a breakthrough $100 million settlement already negotiated with one of the companies involved.

Staying Connected in Light of the Pandemic

As necessity becomes the mother of adaptation people search for splendor.

Carlos Marcello and the Making of a Mafia Myth

“I am not in no racket. I am not in no organized crime.” - Carlos Marcello

Exclusive: Internal Memo Circulated by LA GOP’s Sharon Hewitt Outlines Effort to Undermine Emergency Covid-19 Orders

Memo advises GOP legislators to buck Trump White House guidelines and ignore the advice and recommendations of public health experts.

Inside the Luminous, Fantastical, and Endlessly Fascinating World of Hunt Slonem’s Louisiana

Tulane University’s most illustrious living artistic alumnus shares his wisdom and muses on Louisiana, life, spirituality, creativity, and Abraham Lincoln.


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