Monday, April 15, 2024
Did Huey Long and Babe Ruth ever meet?

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Six Degrees of Babe Huey

Did Huey Long and Babe Ruth ever meet?

Tilly Snyder Is Missing Again

Wikipedia’s decision to permanently delete John K. Snyder’s page cannot erase the true story of one of the most eccentric politicians in Louisiana history and the mastermind behind the Great Catfish Massacre of 1985.

A Fight Worth Having

How Louisianians can organize to stop the hellish domino effect of the Alito draft decision

Harry B. Silver (1922-2022), CenLa’s Most Celebrated Civic Champion Dies at 100

On Sept. 6, 1948, a little over two weeks after Harry Bernard Silver, a 26-year-old lawyer from East Orange, N.J., exchanged vows with 20-year-old...

Losing Ground: How a Model of the Mississippi River Could Reshape the Future of Louisiana

A little-known building a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River has the potential to help people living in coastal communities across the globe.


The Godfather Trilogy

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Clementine Hunter

Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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Joe Badon’s Cinema of the Weird

On the Northshore of New Orleans, where things can get fairly unremarkable from time to time, lives a filmmaker and artist whose work I’ve found to be confounding, frustrating,...

“Some Thoughts” on the Life of New Orleans Renaissance Man Michael Martin

The acclaimed actor and "guerrilla-theater impresario" died on April 26th at the age of 63.

“Little” Joe Catalanotto: A Daughter Reflects on Hollywood South’s Independent Pioneer

When you type “1301 Kentucky St.” in Google Maps, a pretty nondescript white-painted warehouse pops up in a pretty average looking neighborhood - average for New Orleans, anyway. People...

Recommended Viewing: Best of the Fest, Part Two

You may not be able to count on Father Time being in your favor, but you can always count on the movies.

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A Tale of Two Carters

As two veteran New Orleans politicos battle for the state's only solidly blue seat in Congress, how much will endorsements really matter?

On Karen Carter Peterson, Troy Carter, and the Crisis of Purpose in Louisiana Politics

Editor's Note: The Bayou Brief will not be making any endorsements in the uncommonly crowded Special Election for Louisiana's Second Congressional District. This column...

Krewe du Couxvid

Josh Guillory's parade of fools.

Combat in the Courtroom

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